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Chorapenova neighborhood borders The Western Outskirts. This is not exaggerated and it is true - the end yards and wells of the neighborhood divide the border between the Republic of Bulgaria and the Republic of Serbia. After the terms of the Neuilly Peace Treaty, neighboring lands crossed into Serbian territory, and because there was no real barrier, it often happened that herds of cattle crossed the state border.

It is a little known fact that the first military conflict between Serbs and Bulgarians during the Second World War took place on the territory of Chorapenova neighborhood. Here, on April 2, 1941, a few days after Yugoslavia withdrew from the Tripartite Pact and joined the Allies, Serbian troops were the first to enter Bulgarian territory, capturing the Bulgarian 9th Border Post after a skirmish.

Chorapenova neighborhood was depopulated at the beginning of the construction of the railway line "Kalotina - Stanyantsi" around 1963-1964, when, mainly due to the distance from the school in Kalotina, the last inhabitants of the neighborhood moved to the neighborhoods Spirkata and Slepiok. Shortly after their abandonment, the houses were demolished, and today only old walls testify to the children's noise announcing the surrounding hills.