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Votive cros "St. Peter", Negovan dol
Votive cross "St. Peter", Negovan dol
Photo by Georgi Sirakov

The road to Negovan Dol neighborhood deviates to the right of the main road, halfway between the Spirkata neighborhood and the bridge over the Nishava River. For about ten years this neighborhood has been widened by new settlers with additional buildings right up to the size of the bend, but the real neighborhood begins after crossing a railway crossing a little higher.

Negovan dol stays a bit away from everything that happens in the village, and transits through the village people who could find them without anyone guiding them. This is unfortunate, because there are many nice houses, and in the warmer months it is an attractive place to relax from the hectic everyday life.

What to see near Negovan dol neighborhood

About 30 meters away from the road between Spirkata and Seloto, next to the old road to the neighborhood, there is a votive cross "St. Peter".