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"Tezhka Zhena" rock massif (photo by Velislava Yordanova☦)
Latitude and longitude
42° 59' 49" N , 22° 52' 40" E

There is no way you have passed through the gorge between the village of Kalotina and the village of Berende Izvor, and you have not become dumb under the majesty of the towering cliffs of the rock massif "Tezhka Zhena" (Heavy Woman in English). Where does the name come from - we do not know, but that it is heavy - it is obvious at first glance.

There are also two small caves by the rocks - "Mechata dupka" (Bear's Hole in English) and "Peruna Dupka" (Peruna Hole in English), and with a little more attention and the necessary skills, it is not impossible to climb to any of them. In fact, in the past, students from the school in Kalotina were often taken there for extracurricular activities. To climb the wall itself, you will need climbing skills and equipment.

Next to "Tezhka Zhena", as we already mentioned, flows the river Nishava, and in the summer heat, on the site of the dam for the needs of the irrigation canal, you can often see beach people. On the opposite bank is the "Shatrata" complex and Balan neighborhood with the now non-functioning railway station.