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Kalotina Railway station (photo: Georgi Sirakov)
Latitude and longitude
42° 58' 49" N , 22° 51' 5" E

Construction of the Kalotina-Stanyantsi railway began in 1963 and was funded by the then Ministry of Energy and Fuel. The route with a total length of 16.7 km. was built mainly for the transportation of lignite coal mined in the area of ​​the village of Stanyantsi. The line is built with maximum slopes of 16 ‰ and minimum curves radiuses of 250 m. Along the route there are three tunnels with a total length of 177 meters and nine reinforced concrete bridges, each with three holes and a length of 34.5 to 38.8 m. The section was opened for regular operation in 1966. The line is included in the BDZ system and has been used for both freight and passenger transport for 36 years.

The village of Kalotina is served by one station (Kalotina, kilometer 0 + 000), and two stops - Slepiok (kilometer 1 + 300) and Balan (kilometer 2 + 900).

To the great regret of the residents and guests of Kalotina, on October 1, 2002 the Bulgarian State Railways suspended the passenger traffic on the section, and the railway line continues to serve only freight trains traveling to and from Stanyantsi.