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Hunting shelter in Selishte area
Latitude and longitude
42° 58' 55" N , 22° 53' 32" E

It is not known exactly when the hunting shelter was built in the Selishte area, but it is the only hut-like facility that can accommodate you during a storm in this uninhabited area. Unfortunately, the shelter has not been managed for a long time, and the area is rich in wild animals of various species. Keep this in mind when walking up the mountain.

How to reach the hunting shelter:

The most convenient starting points for a hunting shelter in the Selishte area are the Slepiok neighborhood. You need to go hiking through Dolna Ornitsa (English: Lower fallow land), Gorna Ornitsa (English: Upper fallow land), Haidushki Kladenets (English: Rebels well) and the Selishte area). The other way is at the end of the Balan neighborhood.

In the past, here were the high mountain pastures of the villages of Kalotina and Prekruste. Today, around the hunting shelter 9especially in the upper part of Selishte), there are many thorny bushes. However, upon closer inspection of the area, it is easy to find a ford for walking.

We guarantee the adventure is worth every effort from a tourist point of view.