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Holy Trinity Church
Latitude and longitude
42° 59' 46" N , 22° 52' 11" E

Sveta Troitsa (English: Holy Trinity) Church is located in the Lozishte (English: Vineyard) area above the Seloto neighborhood, next to the former school of Kalotina. The construction of this church began on August 28, 1938, and the consecration was performed on May 18, 1947 by Exarch Stephen I of Bulgaria, a year and a half before the same, due to his open disagreement with the communist authorities in the People's Republic, to be interned in Banya village, Karlovo region.

The temple is one-nave, one-apse, with a bell tower above the narthex. It houses icons from the mid-nineteenth century, two of which date from 1854 and 1859.