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Latitude and longitude
42° 59' 12" N , 22° 51' 15" E

Ezhevitsa river (or also Jezhevitsa) springs in the area of ​​the village of Dragoil, passes through the Derven pass, Sharena Cheshma, Spirkata neighborhood, crosses part of the land of Kalotina and flows into the river Nishava, shortly after Divina neighborhood.

The secret of Ezhevitsa river

It is interesting for this river that near the village of Kalotina it flows all year round and somewhere near the Spirkata neighborhood disappears in the summer months. It happens rarely, but there are also remembered years when the river showed its "sharp" temper. The last serious case was in June 2005, when a seemingly small river collected a significant amount of water. Then the river overflowed its banks at the Sharena Cheshma, the former Atlantic Inn (Parrots), and formed a large spill in front of the concrete bridge of the main inter-village road under the neighborhood. In this case, due to removed asphalt layer, the international road E-80 was blocked for a short time.