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Most of the passengers in transit through the village of Kalotina identify this neighborhood with the village, and since the international road actually passes, so to speak, in the middle of the neighborhood, and the other neighborhoods are out of sight, these people may not know that it is just one of many neighborhoods.

What can confuse foreigners is something else - when in the early 70s of the 20th century, the railway line "Kalotina - Stanyantsi" was built, near the neighborhoods were built a station and two stops, and the station is ... next to Spirkata (in Bulgarian Spirkata means The stop).

On the roads passing through the Spirkata neighborhood, from ancient times you could reach Rome, for example.

The already mentioned international road E-80 (the future "Europe Highway"), the international railway connecting Western Europe with the Middle East, as well as the mysterious river Ezhevitsa pass through the Spirkata neighborhood. Here, in the former military unit, the border police station of Kalotina is located, here is the community center of the village with a library in it.

In the very center of the neighborhood you can see a real ornithological treasure - the little known Kalotina marsh.