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Ivan Bozhin from Razkraste neighborhood (photo:

Many people remember Ivan Bozhin as the last inhabitant of the already depopulated Razkraste neighborhood. Including we remember him as a self-taught master, inventing all sorts of things. It often happened that people gave him watches to repair, and he, from an ordinary steel nail, made the parts himself.

Another interesting fact is that Ivan Bozhin did not contact and was not friends with many people. Although there was a grocery store in the Slepiok neighborhood at the time, he only traveled there to Grandpa Jordan's carpentry workshop. A true downhill champion, he is often spotted riding his bike from Razkraste all the way to the Seloto neighborhood for his purchases. And the bicycle, of course - made by himself. As he often said:

- I make my tires from thick hoses, because the ones I buy often burst. Mine are strong and last for years!

And more about Ivan Bozhin:

Ivan Bozhin never had a draft animal for his cart, but passers-by often saw it on the forest roads of Skarcha and in the direction of Milbrat - a sure sign that the mountaineer is in the area and collects firewood.