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Kalotina Island, Antarctica

In the directory of Bulgarian geographical names in Antarctica, under identification number BGAQ1068, with geographical coordinates 64 ° 18'38.0 "S and 63 ° 40'18.0" W, there is ... Kalotina Island.

Here is the data from the entry concerning Kalotina Island:

Geographical site: Rocky island located 470 m north of Kinton on the Goten peninsula on the northwest coast of the island. Anwer. The island is 630 m long in the southeast-northwest direction and 350 m wide. Separated from Fr. Violet to the east with a channel 140 m wide.
Region: Palmer Archipelago.
Mapping: British since 1980.
Geographical map: [1].
Origin of the name: Named in the village of Kalotina in Western Bulgaria.
Date of approval: 21 October 2013.

Roughly speaking, the island of Kalotina is about 16,200 km as the crow flies from our village.