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Theft from the church treasury in 1929

An excerpt from the State Gazette in 1936 contains the following text:

Sofia District Court

In criminal proceedings, sentenced in absentia: pleaded guilty to the defendant Metodi Petrov Ivanchev, from the village of Petarlash, Tsaribrod region, now unknown location, 36 years old, literate, unconvicted, former priest, that in June 1929, in order to obtain with illegal property benefit he damaged the property of the church board of trustees in the village of Kalotina, Godech district, by misappropriating the amount of BGN 8,361, which by virtue of a protocol and the church board of trustees he withdrew for the needs of the church.

We do not know whether Metodi Ivanchev returned the money and whether he received what he deserved by law, but two years later the foundations were laid for the construction of the Holy Trinity Church in the Seloto neighborhood. The temple was officially opened in 1947.

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